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ℹ️ !stock - shows how many keys the bot has. ℹ️ !bulk - shows the current bulk discounts for buyers. ℹ️ !mins [cryptocurrency] - shows minimum crypto withdrawal amounts. ℹ️ !fees [cryptocurrency] - shows current crypto withdrawal fees. ℹ️ !balance - shows your balances. TRADING INFORMATION ℹ️ !prices [cryptocurrency] - shows current crypto trade bot and key prices. ℹ️ !sellcost [cryptocurrency] - shows the cost of keys if you were selling.

imageIf you're ready to find more information in regards to crypto trading bot stop by our own site. ℹ️ !sellamount - shows how many keys you need to sell to get . ℹ️ !buyamount - shows how many keys you can buy with . PRICE CALCULATORS ℹ️ !buycost [cryptocurrency] - shows the cost of keys if you were buying. For example, crypto bot if you are trading BTC/ETH you can either deposit Bitcoin or Ethereum into your trading wallet. If you already have funds in your main wallet then you can easily just transfer the funds to your trading wallet. Once you have decided on a strategy and trading pair, the next step is to deposit funds into your KuCoin wallet.

imageAfter taking a look at the different returns of a trading pair and strategy, you will need to deposit the cryptocurrency that you want to trade. For a while there Coinbase Pro had free limit orders, then almost nothing did, and here in 2021, some exchanges do again (but with a catch). TIP : A lot has changed over the years and this page has changed with it. This page is now about "how to trade crypto at low fees / minimal fees," "how to save on trading fees," and other options like commission-free crypto trading at Robinhood and FTX.

To do your own research Google "fee schedule" + "the name of the exchange." For example, see Kraken’s Fee Schedule. This page just provides some examples. TIP : Other exchanges aside from the ones noted here may allow you to trade without fees or kucoin trading bot with low fees. Currently 31 cryptocurrencies supported - we've added many new cryptos since launch and are interested in always adding more! Online 24/7 Easy, safe, reliable!

Trade offers are sent to you - you don't have to waste time counting and placing 200 keys by hand :) Lowest fees - we have the lowest crypto withdrawal fees. Bulk discounts - customers buying 1000+ keys get a 1% discount. Competitive prices - we're trying to get the best prices on the market! Fee-less & instant transactions for Coinbase users - you can both deposit and withdraw with 0 fees instantly off-chain if you use Coinbase (but not required to normally use the bot). HELP ℹ️ !commands - shows commands window.

ℹ️ !how2buy - shows instructions how to buy keys. ℹ️ !how2sell - shows instructions how to sell keys. ℹ️ !how2credit - shows what the credit system is. EXAMPLE: !sell 200 ETH EXAMPLE: !sell MAX ETH Accept the trade offer bot sent you Withdraw your crypto with command !

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